The author

Hi there… My name is Nadine. I’m the editor and owner of It’s a Kingdom – a small blog & shop championing simple gardening and homemaking. My roots are German, but my heart has settled amongst the green hills of Sheffield, England. Having met my favourite Englishman while travelling in Australia, I moved to the island in 2012 in pursuit of a slower, more family-focused life.

Today the Englishman and I share a typical English terraced house, an overgrowing allotment and a carefully curated collection of house plants (our oldest being Dave, the Geranium). In September 2016 our family was joined by our littlest lady, who we named after our favourite Roald Dahl character.

If I’m not getting muddy pottering around in the allotment, I like to splash through countryside puddles followed by a hearty pub lunch or curl up on the sofa with a good read. I also really enjoy British crime shows and period dramas. My creativity flows best to the sound of the radio and the buzz of my trusty sewing machine. All of this is always accompanied by plenty cups of tea and good load of life pondering.

The blog

“What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare…” W. H. Davies

It’s a Kingdom collects and shares the tales of my unlikely life in England, where I fell in love with the simplicity and yet richness of growing our own and nurturing a family home. The years rush by so fast and I want to make the time to stand and stare; I want to remember the small moments that string together the narrative of our life that brought us together admits these beautiful green hills.

In sharing our stories and adventures about the things we grow and make, as well as our explorations and discoveries in this wonderful country, I hope to spread inspiration for anyone on the journey to a simpler, slower, more sustainable life.

About the shop

The bunting shop re-opens in spring 2017 and will sell hand-dyed, handcrafted buntings in small collections. The timeless designs are whimsical decorations for many years to come. Hang them over the nursery, add them to the toy box or pull them out for anniversaries.


It’s a Kingdom proudly accepts sponsorship partners to help support the blog. To offer the highest quality experience to my readers, these sponsorships appear within the context of our daily life and blog posts and are always clearly noted for readers. All visual and written content is crafted directly by me for It’s a Kingdom.

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