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A simple Spring Bulb Wreath

Last December, in the run-up to Christmas, I spent a jolly afternoon in the company of some equally delighting ladies learning the art of wreath making. It was the first time I was more than a bathroom door away from my then three month old little lady and I had almost too much fun tying all sorts of greenery to a circular base, whilst sipping Glühwein and stuffing my face with mince pies.

I was so proud of my creation with all its feathers, spruce and eucalyptus and the wonderful bow that topped it all off, I knew instantly I would not want to take it down. So much so, when Twelfth Night came round and the Englishman insisted on all the Christmas decoration being boxed up, I hazardously declared it “winter” decoration. The trouble with superstitions is though; you might think they are stupid, but you still find yourself not walking under ladders or ignoring a lonely magpie. Rumour has it that if you fail to take down your Christmas decorations by the 6th of January, your gardening attempts bear hardly any fruit that year. Despite the wreath now being winter decoration, I didn’t really take any chances. SoI decided, it’ll have to stay up all year now.  Just to be safe.

I just hope the lucky gods won’t notice the slight changes I made when Spring equinoxed. Although I loved the faint eucalyptus scent the wreath had brought to our dining room, there was no denying that that was long gone and the brittle state of the spruce might show some beauty in its decay, but also a lot of loose needles on my windowsill. Therefore I got myself some spring bulbs and a handful of fresh moss and reworked the wreath for spring. Now it’s the not so subtle scent of the blooming hyacinths that is greeting us every day. Cannot complain and I feel just having live hyacinths hanging in my window is beating the gardening odds already.

Make a simple Spring Bulb Wreath

If you still have your Christmas wreath up, fret not! Get your hands on some fresh moss (I bought Sphagnum moss in a pet supply store) and spring bulbs, such as hyacinths or daffodils plus a roll of florist wire and have a look at the quick how-to guide below.

1. Start by tying your florist wire around the inner circle where one of the bridges crosses. Bring it round the back an up.
2. Lay the base flat on a table. Grab a handful of moss and place it on the base.Pull the wire over
and under a few times going along the small pile to secure it in place.
3. Continue doing this until the whole wreath is covered in moss. Don’t cut the wire yet!

4. With your fingers carefully make a few dents at the bottom of the wreath, preferably where your wire is.
5. Starting on one side, place a bulb in the dent and wrap it carefully with the wire,
going over and under. Be sure not to tie it too tight as to not damage the bulb.
6. Continue until all bulbs are in place.

7. If necessary place a little more moss around the bulbs and tie with the wire.
8. Once your happy with the wreath bring the wire round one last time and cut it at the back.
With your fingers wrap the end around the inner circle of the wreath base.
9. Tie a piece of string around the outer circle of the base at the top of the wreath.
10. Hang your wreath in place and don’t forget to regularly give the moss a little spray with some water to keep it moist.